What we do

Based on a hands on approach, we strive to provide a custom package for each client.

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Everyone has a unique vision and therefore will require a unique package, but here are a few things we can do for you.

Creative Services

At the core of Dirty Bird South is our passion for music publishing, setting the highest value on our writers and the art they create. Our team will tirelessly fight to achieve a higher quality and recognition for our catalog of songs; simultaneously working to push the limits of the cultural "norm".

Publishing Administration

Got a chart-busting banger? A full catalog of works? Maybe just a catchy tune? Regardless of the phase, every song needs a  partner they can trust to assist in bringing their work home.  At Dirty Bird South, we have an administration staff knowledgable in all phases of the publishing process. We are ready to serve you in the areas of income , performance rights, and protecting your intellectual property.

Music Licensing

Music is an essential component to enhancing projects in film, television, games, advertisement etc. Our dedicated and skilled licensing team at Dirty Bird South are committed to seeking out opportunities in these industries in order to place our artist and writers at the center of the stage, giving you the best opportunity to be successful.

Video Production

In today's ever changing landscape, video reigns king. Here at Dirty Bird South, we want to ensure you are front and center for the world to see. We offer a variety of full service video production services. These range from music video production,, live sessions, and promotional videos, to managing the use of your liking in any video project.